Looking for a unique and newsworthy event to cover? Look no further than the 420 Expo, New Jersey's first-ever "Bring Your Own Cannabis" event, offering a variety of exhibits, performances, and demonstrations related to the cannabis community. Covering the 420 Expo can provide your outlet with unique content, insights into industry trends, and engagement with your audience.

Broadcast at the 420 Expo

420 Expo would like to take this opportunity to invite your organization to broadcast from our event. We believe that media coverage, both locally and nationally, are a tremendous asset to the 420 Expoand we strive to make your coverage as easy and successful as possible. To streamline the process, we will provide a press room for all media representatives that attend the show to register and store equipment. Our public relations firm will have staff on-hand to assist with any needs. Space for television stand-ups will also be provided.

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