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Press Release 09/22/22

The 420 Expo, NJ's First BYOC Public Event, Sparks High Attendance, Open Conversations & Awesome Vibe

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For Immediate Release

The 420 Expo, NJ’s First BYOC Public Event, Sparks High Attendance, Open Conversation & Awesome Vibe

Approximately 17,000 People Came Through The Doors Of The Inaugural Event In Edison, NJ

(Edison, NJ, September 22, 2022) – The 420 Expo, New Jersey’s first-ever BYOC Consumer Cannabis Convention, was an unmitigated success for the cannabis community, exceeding all expectations. Approximately 17,000 people aged 21+ attended the historic three-day event, from September 16-18, 2022, at the NJ Convention & Expo Center in Edison, NJ. Hosted by the legendary Tommy Chong and presented by Wakit Grinders, the 420 Expo, presented by Wakit Grinders, brought together experienced cannabis users, the “canna curious,” and businesses from the cannabis world and beyond in what amounted to one giant celebration. The event also featured significant educational seminars, designed to start breaking down the stigma that is still associated with legalized recreational adult use of marijuana.

“While THC products weren’t for sale at the 420 Expo, just the idea that people could legally bring their own cannabis, and use it, at an event that was clearly curated to support the cannabis community meant a lot to attendees,” said J. Handy, co-founder of the 420 Expo. “People were raving about every part of the expo, from meet-and-greets with celebs like Tommy Chong and Rob Van Dam, to amazing vendors, food trucks, great music, and killer afterparties. It was truly a momentous occasion.”

In addition to the celebratory atmosphere, educational seminars tackled very real and meaningful issues. The 20+ sessions included topics such as “Cannabis 101,” “Combatting the Social, Racial, & Economic Injustices of Cannabis,” “Medical Marijuana Patient Perspectives,” and “Overcoming Addictions” to opiates and other hard drugs with the help of cannabis.

Dan Davis, co-founder of the 420 Expo, said, “It was literally nothing but good vibes. Despite thousands of people, 75+ vendors, tons of live entertainers, etc., there were zero issues. That speaks volumes about the responsible community from all walks of life who are exercising their legal rights with recreational cannabis use, and we hope it debunks many of the misguided perceptions out there.”

Next year’s 420 Expo will take place in the same location on September 22-24, 2023, and planning is already underway. To learn more details as they become available, visit

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