What is the 420 Expo?

The 420 Expo is New Jersey’s first-ever B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Cannabis) consumer convention taking place over three days at the New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center in Edison, New Jersey, September 13th-15th, 2024.

About Us

Featuring over 100 vendors,  celebrity appearances, live music and stage acts, educational seminars and panels, a full VIP program and nightly VIP after parties, and best of all, a dedicated outdoor smoking area filled with food trucks, music, and games, the 420 Expo is open to the public for a three-day celebration of cannabis.

The 420 Expo does have a strict 21+ policy. That said, whether you like to wake and bake, consider yourself a casual user or a cannabis connoisseur, want to learn more about cannabis and CBD, or just want to check out some dope vendors, eat some good food and listen to some great music, the 420 Expo’s got you covered for a fun weekend of all things related to weed.

Taking place over three days, the 420 Expo was born, like all great ideas, under a cloud of smoke. You name it… When it comes to cannabis, we’ve thought of it!

First, is our convention floor that’s around 100,000 square feet or so. There you can check out our 100+ exhibitors. Learn more about the latest strains, products, pick up some accessories, T-shirts, make travel plans, grab some munchies to take home, or who the hell knows what else you’ll find. Trust us, there’s sure to be something for everyone!

Want some entertainment? We’ve got that, too! Our massive entertainment stage will feature a crazy schedule of musical acts, dancers, comics, and interactive games just to name a few. If you’re more of a studious stoner, catch one of our many seminars featuring some of the top educators and experts within the cannabis community and industry. We also have contests, demos, and other exclusive things to chill with.

Looking to meet some of your favorite cannabis-friendly stars, and take some photos with them? We’ll have celebrity meet and greets, and maybe even a smoking sesh with your faves. And let’s not forget this show will have some of the finest people watching on the East Coast.

Now if you really want to check out the 420 Expo in grand fashion, get yourself one of our VIP tickets. You’ll get a dope custom 420 Expo drawstring bag and T-shirt, discounts to exhibitors and sponsors that’ll save you some green (maybe on your green!), access to the VIP Lounge and Viewing Area, and FREE entry to any Official 420 Expo VIP After Parties.

All-in-all, the 420 Expo is an interactive cannabis event you can explore ’til your little, very stoned, heart is content. The 420 Expo is truly one of a kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy cannabis at the event?

No. There are no sales of cannabis on premise (Includes plants, seeds, concentrates, edibles and vapes)

But you can certainly bring your own! You are permitted to possess and B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Cannabis) up to the legal limit permitted by the State of New Jersey or six ounces for personal use.

Can I smoke at the event?

No smoking/vaping inside the venue at any time.

That said, there are designated smoking areas (along with food trucks and outdoor activities) located onsite.

Where is the event located?

Venue Location:
New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center
97 Sunfield Avenue
Edison, New Jersey 08837

What is the difference between General Admission and VIP?

We always say, General Admission gets you into the show, VIP makes you a part of it.

With a General Admission tickets, you’ll get into the show, stage and seminars. With VIP Admission, you get into the show, full access to the stage and seminars, as well as a custom 420 Expo drawstring bag and tee shirt, DEEP discounts to exhibitors & sponsors, access to the VIP Lounge and Viewing Area. You’ll also get FREE entry to Official 420 Expo VIP After Parties. For a full breakdown of VIP perks, CLICK HERE.

How old must attendees be?

All people entering the building must be at least 21 years of age or older.

All attendees must show a valid state-issued identification.

What are the show hours?

Friday, September 13, 2024: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Saturday, September 14, 2024: Noon – 10:00 pm

Sunday, September 15, 2024: Noon – 6:00 pm

How much are tickets?

All tickets (and prices) are available online here. Tickets are also available onsite at the CASH ONLY box office the day of the event and are usually $5-$10 more expensive but include all taxes and fees.

Is there a dress code?

Hell no there’s no dress code. You can wear whatever you’re feeling. That said, the large majority of our attendees dress totally casual, but costumes are always welcome! If you’re trying to get a little spicy, please be aware the minimum clothing are bikini tops and bathing suit bottoms.

Can I bring a camera or take photos or video?

Yes, both cameras and videocameras (including DSLR cameras) are allowed as long as they are for non-commercial use.


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