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Elevate your brand in the thriving cannabis industry by exhibiting at the 420 Expo. Connect with enthusiasts, professionals, and influencers, showcasing your products in a dynamic environment that drives networking, education, and business growth.

Why should my company exhibit?

The 420 Expo has done the hard part for you by attracting tens of thousands of your target market and putting them directly in front of you and your products. No matter what your business specialties are, imagine having your products viewed by thousands of potential customers over a three-day period. The 420 Expo makes that imagination a reality.

On-site Cash Sales

The 420 Expo is a FULL retail event. Our attendees come ready to shop for the latest products and services from the cannabis industry and beyond.

Company Branding

You can have the greatest brand ever, but if no one knows about it, you’re in trouble. Use the 420 Expo to bring your company front and center to your target audience. Run specials on our website and yours. Get your name out to thousands of attendees on-site and direct them to your website, social media and locations for additional discounts after the event for years to come.

Media Exposure

The 420 Expo is set to take advantage of the cannabis boom with massive media exposure, and when we get press coverage, you get press coverage. With over 250 expected different media outlets in attendance, the 420 Expo is poised to be featured on every major network, in every major publication, radio station, major podcasts, and local news in the largest media market in the nation that is the NY/NJ Metropolitan area, as well as national exposure.

Our Reach

The 420 Expo’s tremendous advertising and marketing campaigns reach millions of prospective attendees with our various extensive media campaigns. With traditional outdoor and billboard locations, radio, and print advertising, to unrivaled social media and digital campaigns, the 420 Expo will be everywhere.

Location, Location, Location

We like to say that Edison, New Jersey is in the middle of everywhere and nowhere at the same time, but the truth is, the New Jersey Expo Center is smack dab in the middle of the NJ/NY/PA Metropolitan area — the most densely populated region in the country, and within a single-day’s drive from two-thirds of the entire US population. Conveniently located off Exit 10 of the New Jersey Turnpike, and just minutes from the Garden State Parkway and Newark Liberty International Airport and public transportation, the 420 Expo is in the most prime location you could ever wish for, and not to mention there’s plenty of free parking!

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Who exhibits at the 420 Expo?

Medical Dispensaries • Adult-Use Dispensaries • Medical & Legal Professionals • CBD Manufacturers • CBD Retail Products • CBD & Cannabis Branding Opportunities • Cannabis Accessories • Food Trucks & Food Vendors • Clothing & Apparel • Novelties • Health & Wellness • Nightclubs & Restaurants • Entertainment • Jewelry & Body Art • Cars, Motorcycles & Boots • Health & Wellness • Cosmetic Surgery • Celebrities & Influencers • Manufacturers & Distributors • Travel & Leisure • Home Goods & Décor • Anything Cannabis-Related

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