Outdoor Consumption Area

Perhaps the single most important aspect of the 420 Expo… The Outdoor Consumption Area! Although smoking and vaping is not allowed inside the convention center, when you’re outside in the the Outdoor Consumption Area, you can light it up and fire it down!

Fire It Up Holmes!

This show feature is located directly outside the show floor and will feature a tented area, plenty of tables and supplies to do your rolling, and all surrounded by food trucks, music and entertainment. Want to try out that new piece you just bought on the show floor, take a stroll to the Smoking Section and give it a test puff. Oh yeah… And did we mention, the 420 Expo is a B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Cannabis) event so there will be no shortage of the sticky icky.

To enhance the entire experience, we’ve also curated some of the best food trucks and vendors in the region to help satisfy those munchies and keep you hydrated. It’ll leave you asking, “Is this heaven?” No, it’s the 420 Expo.

***People who are under the influence of cannabis or alcohol, should never operate a motor vehicle or motorcycle. Attendees are encouraged to taxi/Uber/Lyft to the Expo, use public transportation, and/or arrange for a designated driver in the group that will not be partaking in any cannabis or alcohol consumption. Please be safe. Please be responsible.

***We strongly encourage all attendees, exhibitors, guests, and speakers to adhere to local, state, and federal laws.

Live the high life!


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