Hosted by Trinity Madison & Dan Ulloa

Bud & Breakfast: Cannabis Tourism

As marijuana becomes legal in other states, and even countries, cannabis consumers from all walks of life are looking for more and more destinations where they can enjoy both recreational weed and activities. From road trips to plane rides, discover different spots you can enjoy your down time with some doobage.


Trinity Madison

Trinity Madison is a Long Island born entrepreneur and businesswoman who Founded, owns and operates Camp Laughing Grass  and Laughing Grass International who also is the Founder and Executive Chef of Sensi Sweets. She is a pioneer of the cannabis tourism industry who has smoked weed in 19 Countries and counting. Most of them in illegal areas. Come learn the best ways to travel, and the newest available options in Cannabis Tourism.


Dan Ulloa is the Editor and Publisher of, an independent media company covering New Jersey cannabis politics, industry, and cultural news. He was named the 35th most influential person in New Jersey Cannabis by last fall. While representing the Latino Action Network, Ulloa played a leading part in the coalition that spearheaded the passage of the 2020 New Jersey adult-use cannabis referendum.

Dates and locations

  • Edison, NJ
    Sep 29 – Oct 1, 2023

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